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About us

The faces of our movement

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Daniel HP

Founder and President

Daniel is a Spanish illusionist who travels the world with his magic shows. In addition, he is a qualified telecommunications engineer and a musician.  


In January 2020, Daniel realized that he could lead a life without causing suffering to any living being, and began to live a vegan lifestyle.

During 2022 the  feeling to do something else grew in his heart and he created Magic of Life .

Sarah R.


Born in Trinidad and Tobago, Sarah is a qualified aesthetician, practising Traditional Chinese Medicine, and also trained in the hospitality industry.

Since 2017, Sarah lives in Spain and she is part of Daniel's shows as a dancer.

In 2020, she makes the transition to veganism, connecting with the sad reality that animals live because of humans. On December of the same year, following her passion for food, she created El Oso Vegano in Cantabria, Spain, a vegan micro confectionery business, preparing sweets without animal products for individuals and restaurants.

In 2022, she felt the need to start doing activism and founded, with Daniel, Magic of Life .


Our mission

Magic of Life is a non-profit organization founded in 2022 with a clear objective, to defend life and the right for all sentient beings on this planet to live: humans and non-human animals alike; and to defend the planet we live on, planet Earth.

Magic of Life's work is mainly focused on helping the most oppressed group of all, those who need help the most, the animals. Why do we consider the animals to be the living beings that need the most help? Firstly, because they have no voice or capacity to defend themselves, and secondly by the numbers... Each year, around 150 billion land animals and some 3 trillion marine animals are slaughtered for human consumption alone, not counting animals slaughtered by the textile industry, in laboratories or the ones used or killed for our "entertainment".

Magic of Life seeks to end all forms of discrimination and hatred: xenophobia, homophobia, racism, sexism and, especially, speciesism. Speciesism is the discrimination of living beings based on their species (respecting and caring for a dog but eating a pig) in addition to the belief that the human being is superior to all other animals. We live in a speciesist society and we believe that this is the origin of all kinds of discrimination.

Magic of Life aims to promote a vegan lifestyle, which means leading a life that does not involve unnecessary animal suffering. Veganism, unlike vegetarianism, is not only a diet, but a lifestyle, an ethical position that rejects the use of animals for our own benefit, including all areas of life: food, clothing, cosmetics, entertainment, etc...

Our  logo

Created by Luiso Garcia

The great vegan artist Luiso García created the logo for Magic of Life . The silhouette of the hand is inspired by the Ahimsa symbol, (अहिंसा) a Sanskrit term that refers to a philosophical concept that advocates the non-violence and respect for all living beings on the planet. The modification of the thumb plus the detail of the eye, gives life to the hand, representing an animal, specifically a white dove, a symbol of peace.

The heart that surrounds the planet Earth emphasizes the objective of Magic of Life, love and respect for the Planet and all its inhabitants, regardless of their species, race, sex, or religion.


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